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Kathryn Rowe ARCT, RMT:   You Have Come To The Right Place 

a professional and experienced piano teacher

Kathryn is a professional and experienced piano teacher. She started early on this road to excellence with piano studies beginning at the age of nine. Later, she completed the grade 10 piano exam and ARCT, Associateship to the Conservatory of Toronto, exams studying with Linda Stobbe in Prince George, B.C. Kathryn completed her studies in 2002 when she was awarded the degree of Bachelor of Music with distinction from the University of Victoria.

Along with her training, Kathryn has 35+ years of teaching experience. During those years, she attended workshops and seminars regularly to upgrade and improve her skills in music and in teaching. Kathryn’s qualifications also include membership in the professional Association of Registered Music Teachers in Canada, and she holds an executive position in the Vancouver Branch of the Association. As a result, Kathryn has been active in preparing students for piano and theory exams, public performance and competition in music festivals, and her students have done well in both exams and music festival bringing home First Class Honors and Gold level certificates. Kathryn not only teaches, but also performs at the piano in solo or ensemble works and accompanying other musicians.

35+ years of experience -

Successfully teaching music to all ages and levels of ability

Defining success -

Learning to speak the language of music

a professional and experienced piano teacher

Kathryn's whole approach to teaching

Kathryn’s whole approach to teaching music is based on the belief that music is a language and a means of communication: it tells a story, paints a picture and sets a mood. Fortunately, the language of music is universal, and for those who study the language, there are many benefits such as:

  • Helping people develop skills which can be applied to all areas of life.
  • Building new pathways in the brain, which make you smarter.
  • Reducing the effects of aging: physical, mental, social, stress-related.

Kathryn also believes that:

  • Teaching is a privilege and a sacred trust.
  • Learning should be fun! And yes,
  • Everyone can have success learning
    the language of music.
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Read What People Are Saying

Thank you for all you do. It amazes me that with virtually no practice Adam walks out of your lesson all pleased and heads to the piano when we get home. Go figure!

And later …

Adam was thrilled with his lesson yesterday. Thank you so much for adapting to his situation and working on the improvisation module with him. I appreciate it very much.  I think he has a ways to go but I know he is in capable hands and I think he now understands that though he is going to have to work at it, there are tangible benefits that are worth his while. Thank you.


Kathryn Rowe has been my daughter’s piano teacher for the past two years. Natasha, at the age of seven, came to Kathryn as a very reluctant beginner. However, over the past two years Natasha has blossomed from hiding under the chair and refusing to play at her first recital, to confidently making her way up to the front at recitals and playing her pieces with poise. I am very pleased with the progress Natasha has made over the past two years, and am quite impressed by the pieces she has mastered.
Kathryn is a very dedicated teacher who always gives 110% in her lessons. She is an extremely patient teacher and has an amazing way of getting children engaged in the learning process. Kathryn has a vast supply of teaching techniques that not only facilitate the learning process, but make it fun for children as well.


I just tried it on “Jesus, How Lovely You Are” and it worked. That is the first song I ever tried to chord when I first got the piano, but I could only find a couple of chords that sounded correct. Now I tried what you showed me & it worked. Oh boy, am I ever excited – peel me off the ceiling or what!

Kathy (adult Student)

I am pleased to provide a reference for Kathryn Rowe who taught my daughter, Kira, piano lessons from September, 2003 to June, 2006. Kathryn came highly recommended to me by a neighbourhood friend and I am grateful to have had such an excellent teacher at the commencement of my daughter’s piano playing.


I am glad to be taking steps to advance in my musical abilities, and know already from the comparative ease with which I approach pieces previously attempted, that you are helping me greatly. Even my sight-reading skills are much improved. In songs, patterns are becoming apparent… scales and triads, for instance. I feel motivated to learn. I look forward to challenging the “Grade II Exam” so that I can enter the hallowed halls of Grade III               David (Adult Student) 

Thank you for your patience with Alex during all the past lessons. We really appreciate your great effort in introducing him to the world of music.

Susan & Bob

I just wanted to give you feedback that we are pleased with Alex’s progress since she started with you. She seems more focused when she practices, which is great and I see some improvements on her pieces and playing in general.          Charmaine

Committed to helping my students succeed

Unique Teaching Proposition

As a professional and experienced teacher, Kathryn’s describes her unique teaching proposition by the following topics:

Creative TeachingI’m always coming up with new ways to teach the basic concepts of reading music and playing the piano. I have invented several teaching tools and games to accomplish this.

Piano Recitals: I have 5 student piano recitals in the year to give students lots of opportunity to practice performing. The recitals also serve as a motivating factor in student’s practice time.

Students with Special Needs: I’m successful in teaching students with autism, and I also accommodate students with other physical or mental challenges.

Student Pace: I never rush or press a student to progress. Instead, I work at the student’s pace.

Respect: I consider each student, no matter the age, a person of value, so I earn the right to correct him/her at the piano by first focusing on what he/she does well before I offer correction.

Parental Involvement: I let parents know that they are always welcome at the lesson.

Payment: I have an equal payment plan, which means the cost of the year’s lessons are divided by 12 and the payment is the same amount each month.

Adult Piano Lessons: I offer my adult students a “Come When You Can” “Pay As You Go” deal because it works well for adults who have busy lives and cannot commit to a weekly lesson.