Committed to helping my students succeed

Piano Lessons tailored to the needs of the student

Why I say, “Everyone can be Successful”

The Foundation of Kathryn's Piano Teaching

The foundation of Kathryn’s piano teaching is the belief that music is a language and a means of communication: it tells a story, paints a picture and sets a mood. Fortunately, the language of music is universal. There are many benefits for those who study the language of music, such as:

Kathryn also believe that:                   

The following goals flow directly from the foundation of Kathryn’s piano teaching and provide her students a well-rounded and enjoyable experience:

Learn to Play Piano Children Lessons
Learn to play piano Vancouver Learning Duets

“Studying music makes a child smarter.  It has a positive impact on reading and math skills.  

It’s a necessity for the total development of the brain and the individual”.

Dr. Frank R. Wilson author of, “The Hand: How It Shapes the Brain, Language and Human Culture”

Committed to helping my students succeed


Graded Lessons

Graded Lessons are offered for ages 4 to adult with levels from beginner to grade 10.

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Adult Lessons

Adult Lessons are tailored to the need of the student whether playing for enjoyment or for academic progress.


Lessons for Relaxation

These Lessons are for the person who wants to play piano but doesn’t have time to practice.

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Exam and Festival Preparation

These Lessons focus on proficiency, technique, style and poise.

Types of Piano Lessons

Private Adult Piano Lessons
Group Piano Lessons
Classical Music

Preparation for Piano

Exams and Music Festival

Piano Recitals

Popular Music


Jazz Piano

Professional and experienced Piano Teacher

Why choose Kathryn As Your Teacher

No one ever gets to adulthood and says, “I wish I had never taken piano lessons!”

Kathryn's Excellent Track Record

Kathryn maintains a comfortable and well stocked studio with a grand piano in the center on which every student learns to play. Because a good instrument gives the best possible results, taking lessons on a grand piano ensures that every student’s opportunity to learn has the best start. As well, there’s a comfy adjustable height bench, so the little ones can reach the keys easily, and adults can also sit at the correct height. For the little ones, there’s also a footstool and a pedal extender for good balance at the piano. And, for an optimal learning environment, the studio is always well lit and comfortably warm in the winter and cool in the summer. In addition, Kathryn has several electric pianos equipped with headphones, so students can practice while they wait, or experiment with the sound options that an electric piano offers.

Having a great studio isn’t enough. Having a great teacher is when the learning happens. If you talk to Kathryn’s students and their parents, you will get excellent references. Many of Kathryn’s students have started lessons at a young age and continue studying with her for many years. Their loyalty to their teacher speaks volumes about her teaching ability and her skill at keeping her students’ interest and motivation for music lessons. And, in the studio you will always hear laughter because Kathryn has a great sense of humor and believes that lessons should first of all be lots of fun because learning happens best in a positive and cheerful atmosphere. Together with these qualities, Kathryn is also very organized and systematic in her approach to teaching, has lots of patience and is creative, positive and professional.

35+ years of teaching experience

So, how has Kathryn built this reputation for being a great teacher? First, she has 35+ years of teaching experience and continues to pursue ongoing personal development through music workshops and seminars, so her teaching continues to be fresh and up to date. Second, she offers a wide variety of music styles to thrill and inspire her students: Baroque, Classical, Romantic and 20th Century periods. She loves to introduce students to jazz even in the very early years of study, and she happily teaches pop music, improvising and playing by ear. Whatever inspires or motivates her students to learn is what Kathryn teaches.

And finally, Kathryn’s studio policy is straightforward and easy to follow: lessons are scheduled on a weekly basis from the 2nd week of September (so the children can get settled in school the first week) to the last week of July. Those summer lessons, during the months of June and July, can be rescheduled to fit your summer holiday plans; they don’t necessarily have to continue on a week to week basis. As well, fees are due the first of each month by a series of post-dated cheques, email transfer, or credit card for your convenience. And, music is purchased by and reimbursed to Kathryn, so that you don’t need to make trips to the music store yourself.

Unique and Proven Teaching Style

At the initial interview, Kathryn will tell you all about her studio policy, the books and methods she uses for teaching and answer all of your questions about music lessons because the purpose of the interview is to give you all the information you need to decide if Kathryn is the best teacher for you or your child. Then, once lessons begin, there is an ongoing communication between teacher, student and parent because even if the parent has no music background, the parent is still his/her child’s music educator, so must be informed of the child’s progress, needs and challenges. In addition, Kathryn strives to learn each student’s learning style and interests, so she can best help the student be successful at the piano combining learning to read music with the students’ abilities to play by ear and hear and imitate what he/she hears.

The Personal Touch

When you study in Kathryn’s piano studio, you become part of her piano family because Kathryn takes a personal interest in each and every one of her students. She does this by getting to know you and your child in a friendly and positive way that make piano lessons an enjoyable weekly event. Then, at the recitals, the whole piano family gets together to support and encourage each other; new friends are made within the piano family. As a result, Kathryn has developed lots of patience working with her many and varied students over the years, and she gives lots of positive encouragement because she’s always watching for those “aha” moments that take place when a student really “gets it”! That’s because Kathryn has the attitude that teaching is a privilege and a sacred trust.

Let my experience help you become a better pianist

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Teaching is a privilege and a sacred trust

Reviews from Parents and Students

THANK YOU!!! THANK YOU!!! THANK YOU!!! I am so excited - I feel like someone just turned the lights on. Now it is just practicing what you taught me so that it becomes as easy as breathing - ha, ha! Well, maybe not quite that easy, but hopefully I'll catch on quickly. It's going to be so difficult to discipline myself to get my work done first & not spend all my time on the piano.
Adult Student
You are a great teacher, patient, knowledgeable and experienced. The kids are very lucky to have you as their teacher.
Student's Mother
just wanted to send you a quick message to tell you how Danielle did. She did FANTASTIC! I took a video of her performance and the judge's comments as well. She got a 90!!! Gold! We're very proud of her!! 🙂 Thanks so much!
Student's Mother
I'm pretty pleased with how the girls are doing with piano, and I want to thank you for being so flexible in your approach. We are trying hard to shift the focus away from us, and get them to develop their own relationship with the piano, with you as their coach. Thanks again for all you do.
Student's Mother